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Arnold Trail Snowmobile Club

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Trail Map

The Arnold Trail Snowmobile Club map is free to riders and available at many of the local businesses. (Pines Market, Fotter's Market, Trail's End, Stratton Plaza, Kern's Inn, Stratton Diner, White Wolf) The map is paid for by donations from local businesses and donation boxes so when you pick up a map please drop a little something in the donation box as it really helps!
The Arnold Trail Snowmobile Club would like to thank all 49 sponsors of this years map. Without your contribution the map wouldn't be possible.
If you are interested in placing an ad in next years map. Send an email by Clicking Here.
Please remember to support the businesses who support us!!
Arnold Trail Snowmobile Club Map

Printable Map

We are posting version of this year map in a smaller 1 page format for your use. We recommend you still obtain a full size map for proper reference.
WARNING ! The following two downloads are ~1MB in size. This can take 20 minutes on slow dial-up connections.
8.5"x11" Printable Map in PDF Format (Click Here) Recommended
8.5"x11" Printable Map in JPG Format (Click Here)

Acrobat Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download reader if you do not have it already installed by clicking on the logo


Interactive Map

Click on an area of the map below for more detail. WARNING ! the detailed maps are larger and can take longer to load on slow dial-up connections.

Arnold Trail Snowmobile Club Interactive Map

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